Garden Route Safari Activities

An adventure is all about the moments that make your heart race and take you breath away. We therefore offer more than just a room, we give you a taste of nature’s gold – an entire reserve to explore and learn.

Safari Game Drives

Embark on unforgettable safaris from Safari Camp, delving into the heart of Brandwacht Game Reserve. Led by passionate guides, these immersive experiences offer guests the chance to discover remarkable wildlife and breathtaking landscapes. Participants will be thrilled by encountering antelopes, giraffes, zebras, small mammals, as well as the discovery of the small wonders. These safaris offer a relaxing, authentic, and holistic experience, creating cherished memories and deepening your awe with nature’s wonders.

Early Morning Safaris:
As the sun rises, embrace the serene ambiance of the reserve on Early Morning Safaris. Traverse diverse habitats in open vehicles, basking in the golden light that reveals hidden gems and awakens resident wildlife. From graceful antelopes to enchanting birdsong, each moment showcases the reserve’s beauty and tranquility.

Afternoon Safaris:
Experience the reserve’s vibrant activity on Afternoon Safaris. As the sun sets, the warm hues create a captivating backdrop. Explore wide expanses and witness elusive mammals and unique animal behaviors as day transitions to dusk. These safaris capture the dynamic nature of the reserve during this magical time.

Privately Booked Safaris:
For a personalized touch, Private Safaris can be booked 

Early Bird Safari Game Drives

Be the first to read the bushveld newspaper with a fresh steaming cup of coffee heating up your heart. Enjoy the sunrise which ensures a golden hour of wonderful photo opportunities.

Sundowner Safari Drives

The vistas on offer alongside hills and through valleys underline the scenic beauty that is embedded in the golden rays. While enjoying your sundowner drink on a distant hill, overlooking wildlife with an ocean view on the horizon, waive farewell to another unforgettable day in Africa that will create a forever memory in your heart.

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