Garden Route Lion Sanctuary

Discover the Brandwacht Lion Sanctuary, where majestic lions reign. Experience their captivating presence, learn about lion conservation, and be mesmerized by their remarkable beauty. Welcome to a world of awe and wonder.

Brandwacht Lion Sanctuary

Welcome to Brandwacht Lion Sanctuary, a haven for majestic lions and a sanctuary dedicated to their conservation and well-being.

The Brandwacht Lion Sanctuary

The Brandwacht Lion Sanctuary, located on the breathtaking Brandwacht Game Reserve, stands as a beacon of conservation on the doorstep of Brandwacht Village. It serves as a haven for these beautiful animals, inviting both reserve visitors and the children of Brandwacht Village to come and witness their magnificence. Nestled within the sanctuary, the lions await the completion of their inspiring story, eagerly anticipating their integration into the expanding realms of the reserve. Currently healthy and content, these lions represent the resilience of a species bred in captivity, now flourishing in the Brandwacht Lion Sanctuary. They embody a story of hope and eager anticipation for the future, as they await their integration into the vast expanse of the Brandwacht Game Reserve.

The sanctuary not only offers a remarkable experience for visitors but also plays a vital role in the reserve’s commitment to education and community engagement. It serves as a platform for the children of Brandwacht Village to learn about the significance of conservation and the importance of preserving biodiversity for future generations. Brandwacht Game Reserve believes that by having a thriving lion sanctuary right on their doorstep, the children of Brandwacht Village can cultivate a deep love for nature and develop a strong connection to the preservation of wildlife.

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