Garden Route Safari Camp

This beautiful paradise is where people and conservation meet.

Our Safari Camp family wants to introduce you to nature’s gold.

Visit Garden Route Safari Camp

Garden Route Safari Camp is located within the heart of the Garden Route, Western Cape in South Africa. 

Just under 5 hours drive away from Cape Town!

Our family owned lodge is surrounded by views and hills of the Outeniqua mountain range. 

Here renosterveld, fynbos, grass plains and thickets are treasured as it serves as home to a diversity of fauna and flora.


Family Owned

Our dedicated family and team go above and beyond to provide luxurious accommodation, a one-of-a-kind safari experience, and personalized service.

This ensures that you leave as a cherished friend with unforgettable memories.

Authentic Safari

Discover a diversity of wildlife thriving undisturbed in their natural habitat, including rare and unique species, creating an unparalleled experience immersed in the beauty of their pristine environment.

South African Dining

Enjoy a home away from home atmosphere, where our delicious, homemade, and locally sourced cuisine delights your taste buds. Gather around the boma fire to savor the natural surroundings and create unforgettable moments.

The Garden Route Story

As the founders and stewards of this privately owned reserve, we cherish the delicate balance of nature and life, dedicating ourselves to conserving natural resources. 

During your stay in this paradise, we will personally welcome and host you.

We love sharing our passion for this extraordinary place.

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Wake Up With Nature

Immerse yourself in the invigorating morning breeze and be captivated by the stunning vistas of the Southern Cape Wilderness. Create unforgettable memories as we share our deep love for this enchanting South African home, embarking on an exploration of its natural wonders together.

Garden Route Safari Camp

Join us, Abram and Joerg, the founders and our dedicated family-team, as we eagerly open our doors to share our cherished home with you—a true paradise nestled in the wilderness, near the captivating beach.


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Garden Route Safari Experience

Our dedicated family, partners, and extended staff will exceed expectations to provide you with luxurious accommodations, a distinctive safari experience, and personalized attention, ensuring that you leave not just as a guest, but as a cherished friend, with memories that will last a lifetime.

Be the first to read the bushveld newspaper with your guide.

There are few things that beat a fresh steaming cup of coffee in the bush.

Enjoy the sunrise and golden hour for wonderful photographic opportunities.

Learn more about Fauna and Flora on our Track & Signs guided walks.

Embark on foot to explore as expert guides unveil the secrets of the wilderness.

Discover hidden tracks, identify animal signs, and embrace the thrill of encountering wildlife.

The most significant changes of the day take place in the afternoon.

The bush comes alive again and secrets and wonders are revealed.

Enjoy a sundowner drink from a distant hill,  bidding farewell to another unforgettable day in Africa. 

Let these cherished moments become forever memories etched in your heart.

Home Away From Home

Welcome to our home, a truly intimate setting where the loving atmosphere of nature thrives. 


Those Who Share Our Story

We have been blessed with the opportunity to share our home with many kind hearts from around the world.

Beautiful experience 💓🇿🇦 I’m going to miss South Africa……thanks. Awesome place with amazing people! Definitely a must do! The game drive was an amazing experience that we will remember forever! Garden Route Safari Camps have the friendliest and warmest staff😎😎😎 muchas gracias

– Vir Ginia

We had such an amazing stay at Garden Route Safari Camp this weekend. Out of 5 they deserve a 10 star rating. From the booking to the welcoming, accommodation, game drives, food, very friendly and professional staff. We will definitely be back in the future, so it goes highly recommended ❤️.

– Ilana Alison Basson 

A real home away from home experience. Exactly as promised. Chef Charles is a magician in the kitchen and the staff are real gems! So attentive to the guests and so so friendly! Do yourself a favour and try the outside shower! It’s pretty cool, and enjoy being woken up by the roar of a lion!

– Anastashia Naidoo

I recently had the pleasure of spending some time at this incredible lodge on the Garden Route and all I can say is that it exceeded my expectations 10-fold. Huge kudos to Abram, Nanette, Stephan, Unelle and the rest of the team for a magical stay! Keep up the excellent work. Can’t wait to visit again!

– James Brook

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